About the Heretic

Why a Heretic?

Over the last several decades, I've been crunchy granola, organic, low-carb, low-fat, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, macrobiotic, local/organic/sustainable, Primal, and Paleo. I've been a strict adherent to the Zone, Weston Price, Nourishing Traditions, Dr. Bernstein, Michael Pollan and more.  I've read diet theory, evangelized for my diet du jour, and alienated family and friends. I've been branded a heretic because I always find that, in the end, no diet ever produces all the health and vitality it promises.

Food feeds the soul first and then the body. I make an effort to eat food that tastes good in my mouth, looks good on my plate, feels good in my belly, and makes my soul replete.  Healing comes when the soul is nourished as much as when the body is fed.

As a food fanatic, I take my inspiration from a lot of nutritional theory and cooking traditions but I don't get religious about any of them.  The recipes on this site may or may not work for any specific diet.  I don't even know the rules of them all anymore and I refuse to become reacquainted with them simply to tag my posts perfectly.

Undoubtedly everything in this blog will offend some diet purist or need to be adapted to fit someone's special needs that are different that mine.  I may or may not know what substitutions will work. I definitely don't know any nutrition counts.  There are enough resources available for anyone who needs to work that information out for themselves.

Why a Blog?

After a couple years of spamming my Facebook friends with my amateur food porn, I finally succumbed to the pressure of publishing my photos and recipes.  Now all my pictures and how-to's will be collected in one searchable site.

I'm not interested in creating a resource of diet education or a quick and easy recipe database--there are plenty of both only a google search away and I don't need to reinvent the wheel.  Not always, really.  And my hysterical illness doesn't allow me sufficient energy to do the work necessary for that kind of blog.  This is simply a record of what a food heretic feeds herself, when it's not take-out or drive-throughs.

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