Sunday, February 9, 2014

Quick and Simple Spicy Asian Salad with Halibut

I used leftover halibut, quick seared again in sesame oil, some already-cut romaine I found in the fridge and a few leaves of Napa cabbage I chopped finely.

I tossed the lettuce and cabbage in a tiny drizzle of grape seed oil, rice wine vinegar, a good three-finger pinch each of flax and sesame seeds, and a medium pinch of red pepper flakes.

I flaked the fish and tossed with more flax and sesame seeds, and a tiny bit of tamari, in the same bowl I’d mixed the greens in to catch the remains of the red pepper and vinegar.

Then tossed it all together and "plated" it in the blue bowl.

Definitely needs a bit more sweet veg and some crunch.  If I made it over again, I'd add some carrot shreds and sliced water chestnut, maybe some celery.  And some rough-chopped cashews.  

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